Reviving the Chemistry in Your Marriage (Podcast #42)

The marriage bed can be a complicated place, especially when adultery has taken place.  But even if there is no adultery, sex could be painful whether it’s for physical reasons or emotional ones.  If you have none of these issues affecting your marriage bed, just the fact that your marriage and sex life is no longer new could cause your… Read More

When a Sexual Past is Causing Problems in the Marriage (Podcast #37)

Every marriage is filled with mistakes; either mistakes on the husband’s part or on the wife’s.  This is just the straight up truth since marriage is comprised of sinners.  Plainly put, we fall short of perfection just like the scripture says in Romans 3:23.  So, when a wife makes a mistake, what’s a girl to do when her husband wants to… Read More

How Do I Trust Him Again? (Podcast #030)

When a husband breaks the trust in marriage, how do you trust him again?  After all, for a healthy and thriving marriage, trust is vital! Dear Jolene, Today I caught my husband of 20 years at a strip club- hands on and all during a lap dance from a girl young enough to be our daughter. I feel stunned. Angry…. Read More

Day 26: for those who want to change their spouse

Missed some posts in this series?  You can read them here. Say it with me, “I cannot change him.” No, really. Say it out-loud. And again. Now say, “And it’s not my job.” Yes, out-loud. Now put both statements together and say it again. Like you mean it. You can even shout it…unless you’re reading this in the Wal-Mart checkout… Read More

Day 24: Lessons From Infidelity

Missed some posts in this series?  You can read them here. Twelve years into our marriage, I found out that Clint had an affair. A few days after his initial confession I found out there was more. He’d had multiple affairs over the course of almost four years. It was completely devastating and life-altering. In all of the ways you… Read More