Faith. A New Year’s Resolution

Christmas has come to an end and the decorations have been put away.  But before we settle into this new year, I thought I would share with you about a wonderful show that I had seen during this past Christmas season.

It was a show stopper to say the least.

It was spectacular and awe-inspiring.

It calmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

It reaffirmed to me that God is who He says He is, and it was a reminder of His love towards me.

It was filled with miracles which strengthened my faith.

The star of the show was none other than, OUR SAVIOR as He was taking center stage during my Christmas story.

When scene one opened….

You would have seen me with a heavy heart, a longing heart and try as I might, a trusting heart.  I walked on to the stage with just my chair, my simple prayers and my faith.

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  Romans 10:17

And I sat there and waited…. knowing that He was coming and banking on His promises.

Each day I looked all around me wondering in what manner would He display His love during this glorious season of Christmas.  His season.  His redeeming love.  His reason for coming.

This is not really my chair, but I thought it was a pretty picture so I used it anyway. :)

Scene 2 opens and….

He shows up.  He takes center stage.  The spotlight is on Him.  I sit quietly waiting for Him to speak.  To do something.

And then…

His power is displayed with the moving and stirring in the hearts of the Body of Christ.  He uses them as His hands and feet.  Mere vessels chosen by The Great I Am, the Babe in the Manger, to bring Him honor and glory.

I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.  Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.   Psalm 27:13,14

We stand there with Him and bow are heads and are thankful for what He has done for us.

Day after day, He performs a similar act over and over again, yet using different disciples to minister on His behalf.

He brought His goodness in the land of the living, just like His Word says.

He never disappoints, does He?  He may have a different plan than us but never does He forsake us.  We’re His kids, remember?

In Scene 3…

My hands and heart are left wide open, letting the Lord paint my dreams, my plans and my future because He is the Master Creator.  In my letting go of expectations and hopes from others and myself, I place those longings on to my Father’s shoulders because He can handle them.

He is all-knowing, I am not.

He can see around the bend in the curve, I can not.

He knows what I need, what my husband needs, and what my children need in the coming year, I do not.

He knows what the future holds, I do not.

So with the new year approaching, so comes the thought of resolutions, hopes, and perhaps even some expectations.

We have all heard of the resolutions to be a better you.  Healthier.  Thinner.  Richer.  Fill in the blank.


A better woman for the Lord.

A better wife if you’re married.

A better mom if you’ve got offspring.

A better daughter, sister, friend.

All good things to aspire to.

Let me challenge and encourage you to go a little deeper.

How about these….

A better glimpse at our Savior.

To know Him more.

To hear His voice.

To discern His Word.

To be filled with His wisdom.

To have a heart that is pliable and open to the leading and convicting of the Holy Spirit.  (This one might hurt a bit because change most likely will need take place in your life.)

As heirs to the throne, we all have an opportunity to see His goodness in the land of the living, but it takes faith.  It takes patience.  It takes a willing and diligent heart. 

Why not make it a resolution of yours?  To build your faith this coming year.  To look for Him each and every day.  To grab your chair as you sit and wait for Him too.  (Fyi:  My chair is in my mind; I try to keep my thoughts on Him as I wait for Him to make His presence known to me.)  If we slow down and quiet ourselves long enough, we’ll see Him because He is always there with us.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and strengthen you in this journey.  He’ll deliver, I promise. :)

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  1. Betty Celio says

    Oh, the conviction of the Holy Spirit can be painful, but the cleansing that takes place, and the consoling that we receive from our gracious Heavenly Father afterwards is so refreshing and brings healing to our afflicted hearts and renewal to our spirits.
    At the prayer meeting this pass December, a mom prayed that my faith would grow this year in the Lord Jesus Christ in areas that I need, and I held on to that beautiful prayer. And as I read your blog, I hear the echo of His words ‘to build my faith’, so with anticipation, I wait for Him and am learning to look for Him in my daily living and to expect great things from Him. Be blessed today, my friend, and together let’s worship the Lord with every members of our being.

  2. 00876058102088898599 says

    I love your message, and will enjoy following you. Thank you for joining the NOBH community. God bless you, what a beautiful smell your perfume is to me and the Lord.