Marriage Principle #11 and #12

Marriage principle from the life of  Naomi, The Bitter Wife, (who just so happens to be my favorite wife while I wrote the book)…

Marriage Principles #11 from the Wives of the Bible by Jolene Engle


Marriage principle from the life of Leah, The Unloved Wife…

Marriage Principle #12 from the Wives of the Bible by Jolene Engle

If you’d like to join the study to learn all 25 marriage principles, you still can!  You can find all the information about the study here where you’ll receive access to the free study guide and teaching videos. The only other thing you’ll need to join us so you can further strengthen, rebuild, revive, or better your marriage is to grab my book, Wives of the Bible!  Also, if you’re on Facebook, feel free to join our group: World-Changing Women and Wives as we discuss the study.

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  1. Theresa says

    I really love your posts but I’m not on Facebook or anything. I would like to be notified when you have something new out there so that I can check it out.

    • says

      Hi Theresa,
      Glad to have you here! You can subscribe via email so you can receive my future posts. Right now I’m currently taking a break from blogging seeing how I just finished writing the Bible study of the Wives of the Bible. The study will end in mid Sept. and each week between now and then I’m simply posting the marriage principles. I’ll be back to blogging soon!

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