Pursuing the Type of Marriage that God Intended by Jolene Engle

Pursuing the Type of Marriage that God Intended

Effortless would be the word I’d use to describe my dating, engaged, and newly married experience.

Walking through life with an emotional high.

Things were simple.

Grace came easily.

Kindness was a natural by-product of being in love.

Spending countless hours getting to know his heart wasn’t a sacrifice of my time, in fact, there wasn’t anywhere else I’d rather be than by his side.

How  I longed to see him.  Hear about his day.  Look into his eyes.  Hold his hands.

It was all effortless and the word, ‘intentionality’ seemed like an absurd concept to this gal who was in love.

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Every new relationship and marriage runs on emotions, but at some point, the emotional gas tank starts to become depleted because the man is no longer new and neither is the concept of married life.  This is a natural course for all couples.

But God…

He gives us instructions in His Word to help us go from the initial emotional-guided marriage, to a Spirit-guided one.

From an Emotion-Guided Marriage to a Spirit-Guided Marriage by Jolene Engle

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    Yes, it never is easy to maintain that fire of love towards your husband. Sweeter as the years go by should it be but because of our weaknesses, we can’t manage to stay sweet and affectionate without the help of God.

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