Wives of the Bible Study Guide

After many days and hours pouring over this baby, the study guide is finally here! I’ve made a video for you so you’ll know how to get the guide and the videos, and so you’ll know what to expect once the study starts.

Wives of the Bible Study Guide Study Guide Video

A few things I did not share in the video but I want you to know:

All the video teachings are short at about 10 minutes each.  The reason why they are so short is because I sent a survey out a few months back asking women how long of a teaching they would like to watch.  The majority chose the shortest time of 8-10 minutes. Now I must tell you, it was extremely difficult to teach on 2 wives in less than 10 minutes!  So be prepared to hear me speak really fast!

Also, while doing the study, keep in mind there are a couple of different types of Bible studies.  One being heavily objective-based and the other being heavily subjective-based.

An objective study will ask questions based on what the Word of God says.

A subjective study will ask questions based primarily on how you feel about something.

The Bible studies that have made the biggest impact on me are the ones that are heavily objective-based, with stories, practical application, and a touch of subjective questions.  The reason why a study that is heavily objective-based is more effective in a person’s life is because it’s the Word of God that transforms and pierces a soul.  This is what causes the change in the heart of a person.

My study is heavy on the objective side, but very straight forward and to the point.  Answering the questions should be easy.  When it comes to the questions that are subjective based, there are no right or wrong answers.

Also, yesterday I launched my new ministry site of Christian Wife University! The videos for this study will be on that site as well. A few women shared with me that they’ve had a hard time viewing this site either via mobile phone or email. Since I’m about to launch the study, I can’t revamp my site to make it more user-friendly.  With that being said, we are also listing all the videos of the study on my new ministry site of Christian Wife University.  You’ll be able to view all of the videos at either location, but just make sure you follow the appropriate links so you can get access to them.

Go here to get the study guide and schedule, and make sure you get my book, Wives of the Bible because you’ll need it to go through the Bible study.

And one last thing, my dear friend, please know I wish I were with you in real life doing the study with you!

Live a poured out life for Christ,

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  1. says

    I would love to join the bible study but to be honest I can’t afford the book and materials to join. Is there any way i can be apart of the bible study with out the materials. I am a mom of 4 children and a wife. I am struggling very much in your marriage and i am not sure if it is going to last unless something happiens. We are married of in away. we live together but sleep seperate. we hardly talk to each other it is just a lots of stuff that has happyed to us. Can you help

    • says

      Hi Sandra,

      I would be happy to cover the cost for you. If you email me your address I can purchase the book and have it sent to you…my email is mrsfuerstenau@hotmail.com. I have been in your shoes before, it’s a terrible place to be and I truly feel for you… Have faith and look to God for your strength. It can turn around as so many marriages have (mine did!). A study like this is a perfect place to start :)

  2. Marilyn A. Cruz says

    I have click the bottom of your video, to get the email for this study the wife of the Bible, it has been two weeks I have not received anything. I am interested in joining the study. Thanks!

  3. Stephanie says

    I am the mother of 5 children (3 adopted & 2 biological) and I just recently quit my teaching job to stay home with our newborn daughter. There has been a terrible strain on our marriage and friendship due to the financial struggle we face each day. I feel this study couldn’t have come at a better time….definitely a God thing. However, I can’t seem to squeeze any “extra” out to cover the book. Will this study be done again at a later time? I’m praying God will ease some of our load soon so that I may get a book and join in next time.

    • says

      At some point, I will combine the two books, Wives of the Bible and the bible study guide into one book. Once I have it formatted, I’ll make the announcement on the blog!

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