1. hey Jolene. I am 17 years of age and in college. i was brought up in a christian family, but I can’t help but challenge some of the things they teach. Not that I don’t believe but sometimes it’s hard to compromise yourself to understand. especially when you are under the influence of friends and you’re hard not to shy away from you religion and sometimes you can’t explain to others when you, yourself don’t understand either. anyway I just want to say these ways are very helpful and although I did not mention it to my father as he’s preacher, II secretly follow those rules and it has helped me a lot. And as an evidence I want to publish it in my church newsletter to help my other teen fellowships to help them overcome shying away from the word of God as well as understanding in other to help others around them.
    thanks for this blog. you’ve really helped me.

  2. Jolene, You may be taking a break but this is the confirmation that the Lord is sending me right now. Isn’t He wonderful? Thank you that you have obeyed the Lord and posted this for me to show that He is confirming His Word exponentially and pointedly and applying it to my soon to be undivided heart.

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