1. Boy I tell ya, God works in some mysterious ways! I’ve been feeling extremely down lately from some events that have been happening to me at work. Unaccepted,dumb, laughed at to name a few. My husband actually told me the other night I needed to let it go and give it up to God, and yet this morning, I was still harboring ill feeling about my bullies from my job. Then I read your email and something just clicked. I felt a sign of relief and actually laughed a bit about my frustrations. One of my many faults is I try to people please. I admit to this. But for what and for whom? The world and all of its short comings? Jolene your quoted passage was beautiful and I wrote it down and a message going to post it on the wall of my desk. I need to remember who the number one in my life should be. Not the world but HIM. Everything is possible with Christ. I will someday pass and the world will forget my name. Their is only one person who will know my name and care about my soul. The world isn’t that one. May God continue to bless you jolene. I don’t want to loose my soul to gain the world ?

  2. My father would not come to my wedding either It hurt my wife more than me. I was so used to his rejection that I did not care if he came or not. Unfortunately, I became hardened in my soul. For a time I just assumed that all fathers were like mine. When I met my wife I saw her father was deeply involved with her and would do anything for her. So different than mine who would do almost nothing for me. In one way I thought it made me strong, but in reality made me unemotional. My wife had to teach me how to express my positive, tender emotions. It took 7 years and it was just the beginning. I have
    been working on it for a lifetime.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. Oh how I understand the hard heart and the unemotional soul. Thankful we have a heavenly Father who teaches us to love and who can soften any hard heart if we give it to Him.

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