1. My heart fills with gladness reading your commitment to seek God in this season. I understand it and I have been reminded that this time of year with all the hustle and bustle, the true meaning of Christmas can pass us by and leave us with a feeling of tiredness and frustration. Me , I like to watch the all the cheesy Christmas movies when my husband is not home lol. This year I have been enjoying the more “faith-based” ones. Even though the writers may not be head on , I intentionally go to Word and spend time with The Father so I can understand and learn what has been so often misinterpreted . Its just my way of even while being entertained it prompts me to spend time with Christ and seek Truths.

    1. Felicia, I loved hearing how you’re watching faith-based movies and you’re digging into the scritpures to find out what the real truth is! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for writing this “Those songs are worthless to my soul. I need lyrics that will point me to my Messiah- the Hope that has come.”

    I feel bad that I do not enjoy Christmas music. I listen to Christian music all year around but when the radio switches to Christmas music I find no joy in it.

    1. I’m hearing you, Melissa! I listen to Christian music all year round too and perhaps that’s why I don’t care for the simple jingle Christmas songs. They leave me feeling flat because their lyrics don’t draw my soul closer to the presence of Christ!

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