1. I had no idea you had so many health problems, Jolene. I also have and it sure makes life difficult. However, my dad, who is a doctor, always has said that usually those with chronic diseases end up being healthier because they have to learn how to get healthy. My mom had ulcerative colitis when I was five. Doctors said there was no cure. She refused to believe them and went on all organic foods, mostly organic vegetable juices and it healed her colon completely!I always encourage those with chronic illnesses to not always believe the doctors but keep exploring and try to eat all of your food just the way God intended for us to eat it!

    1. Yep, I so agree with you, Lori! Western medicine has it’s place for acute issues but chronic issues can be helped with a diet change. My issues were so severe and for many years that just a diet change didn’t restore my organs- but it has helped!

  2. I tried to download the free book, “In Sickness and In Health” and got the following error:

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    So, I just wanted you to know. My wife is dealing with an as-yet undiagnosed chronic illness that is causing great pain. So, I was online and looking for advice on how best to help. So, if it is still available.. I would appreciate a copy.. or any other resources you can recommend. Thanks!

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