1. This is so exciting, Jolene! I can’t wait for the series to start. I hope you don’t mind but I just shared your announcement about the upcoming series on my blog, Water to Wine Marriage (www.watertowinemarriage.com) I think the more encouragement we can get out there the better…and hearing from real people about real experiences speaks volumes!!

    Thanks & blessings, Joan

  2. Jolene, I am SO excited for this series, to see and be blessed by what all the other ladies have written! Thank you so very much for the opportunity to be part of it! <3

  3. Do we need to pay for this series or does it automatically come to our email address every day starting in October? Thank you ladies for doing this! What a blessing!

  4. This is so exciting! As a new wife, I’m excited to hear all about these wonderful women’s lives & be equipped to build a healthy, God centered marriage just like theirs. I pray we all come into this series with open minds & open hearts. By the way, you have a new subscriber!

  5. I am so excited for this series to start! I stumbled upon your site on Pinterest and I am elated to have found a Bible-based marriage support system. Thank you!

  6. I want to sign up for this 30day journey. I did subcribe to the alabaster jar site. Was that all I needed to do?

    1. Yes, Cindy, all you have to do is subscribe to my site and the posts for this series will automatically go into your email inbox. Just make sure your email address is verified through Feedburner.

  7. So excited to go along with you on this journey. Being as young as I am with a not so perfect marriage in my past I am hopeful this series will help me believe that my current relationship is one that God truely wants to make work. Looking forward to all the post!

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