1. I have just moved in the past 2 months into our first home that we are buying during this time we have faced as husband and wife the most out there problems we
    Have ever had to deal with as we all get
    Settled in my advice to you is pray pray pray and then pray some more because your conversations with God will give you the sanity and strength to keep going all
    The best wishes for you and yours god bless you and keep you amen.

  2. Must say that your articles are the most helpful that I have found recently. There are other popular materials, but what you say speaks to the heart, to the head, and can be applied and prayed about immediately. THANK YOU!! I’m on the way to repairing the damage that I’ve caused by being critical, irritable, disapproving, and inattentive. This is possible with your articles and God’s help. Thank you, Jesus! Open the eyes of my heart, Holy Spirit!

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