1. Thanks for laying out all the specifics that God’s Word has to say about our roles as wives and mothers. I love having a tool like this. Thanks for sharing, Jolene!

  2. I have been married before with two kids and my Mrs passed away. I remarried and have a beautiful baby girl. After the baby was born my wife stopped wanting sex and always tells me off no matte how much I try. I have tried explaining to her the importance of sex in our marriage but she does not believe it’s everything which I know. It might not be everything but according to me it strengthens a marriage. I do everything a good husband should do like even make her lunch, make her coffee every other day, iron her clothes and make the bed at times. I wash the dishes and cook for her. I do everything that I can do to make her happy but she still doesn’t want to have sex and says she doesn’t feel for it. I don’t know what to do anymore as I am frustrate and she doesn’t want to try. Please help cos I don’t have a solution. Sometimes I feel I should go elsewhere and sometimes I feel we should get divorced cos I feel she is ill treating me.

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