1. Yes, Moms and/or Dads plant good seeds in young ones hearts! We learned the same way through our parents giving with and through the Salvation Army ! Those red cans you drop your coins in at the
    food and regular shopping stores with the man/woman ringing the bell ! That organization is also a healthy, good one to do good works for! I have been doing and working with them all my life…and to think because my Mom or Dad gave us all a nickel or dime or quarter to drop in those red cans ! Start them young, the seeds will stick! Thanks for explaining Samaritan’s purse to all! I have done the shoebox delivery to local radio stations for years! Also people should consider Toys for Tots ! usually done through American Legion or Knights of Columbus orgs. Thanks for sharing your lovely story with the world ! God bless.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the ministry of Operation Christmas Child and I love that you got your kiddos involved in it! I’d love to do this with our future kids, as well. There are so many valuable life lessons here: serving others, giving of our finances, giving of our time, and even recognizing that there are many less fortunate than ourselves.

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