1. God our Savior is so amazing! I just entered into my bedroom. Due to a strong and aggressive argument that my husband and i were having. I started reading ” The Power of a Praying Wife”; by Stormie Omartian. When this prayer came through my cell. God always comes through. I started crying!!!! God our Father couldn’t come in at a perfect time then now. Becoming a Christian hasn’t been easy for me, this just now lets me know that God has my back and wants me to work on my marriage.

  2. This is easier said than done. I’m just tired of kissing his butt. Tired of how cruel we are to each other. After almost 18 years, I’m looking forward to parting ways.

  3. I have been blessed by these articles over and over again. I am not married but yet to be there and so in this journey with my fiancee i decided to prepare myself as a future wife who desires to follow after Christ. God bless you for this wonderful advice about friendship. Am on it, have to put friendship first.

  4. I agree with you in everything. My parents always thought me this. Right now I’m going thru a very rough time in my marriage. Nothing is the same anymore. We are a blended family. So this makes it harder for us. I already put my situation in Gods hands but it’s so hard to live with somebody that’s so negative. My faith is strong and it’s my faith that keeps me going on everyday. I just want to be happy and at peace again. I’ve tried my very best in everything and I’m gonna continue to do so. I’m not recentful person. I’ve been hurt a lot but I always remember Jesus Christ and I forgive and start all over again. I’ve always been this wife but sometimes the husband just doesn’t want to fight back the battle. ?

    1. Is your husband saved? If so, maybe you could sit down with him and tell him you need to talk to him about your Godly roles as husband and wife. Discuss what God commands of you as a wife (submission, respect), and what God commands of him as a husband (leadership, love). Maybe read some scripture (1 Corinthians7, 1 Peter 3) and discuss what this means in your relationship.

      Women are influencers. We have been since Eve influenced Adam in the Garden of Eden, and as Peter confirms in 1 Peter 3:1-2. We can influence our husbands to live Godly lives.

      If you’re struggling, seek Godly counsel through your church, or a trusted Christian couple.

      Be blessed.

  5. Respect and submission is not about kissing his butt. If you’re struggling with your marriage, you should seek Godly counsel. Someone who will help you understand God’s design for your marriage, and counsel you through the difficult times. Don’t give up on your marriage. God wants you to be at peace. Our vows are “until death do us part.”

    If you are tired of being cruel to one another, take it upon yourself to change your own behavior. Maybe he will follow suit.

    If you are looking forward to parting ways, then maybe reflect back on the reason you got married in the first place. Rekindle the spark that brought you together.

    I’ve been there. It wasn’t until I surrendered my marriage to Christ that God was able to reveal to me my role as a Godly wife, and heal my relationship.

  6. I agree! You should fight for your marriage! That is the Evil One trying to step in and make things hard ! Life changes all of us and every year, what happens changes us — don’t lose your morals or family values! Never Ever Give Up! pray for ALL marriages. Liked this writeup about the 4 kinds of loves. I learned this in Bible class one year.

  7. Enjoyed this article about being friends with your husband. Makes sense and also not condemning and bossing or trying to fix rhem just except them then for who they are. Very good. Thanks.

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