1. I also encountered a similar story on my honeymoon, playing a card game with my Beloved. I soon felt the Spirit prompting me to lay aside the card game (which I was better at playing) because the scenario was not serving a purpose in glorifying God through our respective roles. Funny how these “friendly” games can turn sour so easily in the marriage relationship. And how careful we have to guard against it!

  2. Your post is so right on target. Competition between spouse is not good. We both write a blog, and I don’t always tell him how many comments I get compared to his. And I brag on his posts. That is important to brag on your spouse.
    I love to win at games too, and my husband had to take me aside and instruct me to allow my grandchildren to win. WOW but that was difficult! But I am learning to let them win! Ha ha

  3. I totally understand this post but my hubby and I still play competitive games together. We just have a different way of rewarding the winner! Before (or sometimes as we are playing) we will agree to prizes for the winner. Say, if I win he has to give me a back rub (which leads to fun in the bedroom) and if he wins I have to reward him with something of the like! This brings fun and healthy competition into our marriage and, as everyone knows, keeping things fun is a great way to stay young and have a happy marriage!

  4. We used to play table tennis together and of course I was always on the losing side. =p I did feel defeated on one occasion but other than that I think we were ok.

    I agree with your suggestions. I think it’s better to just play without scores or just be on the same team. It’s more enjoyable that way =)

  5. My hubby and I are newly weds (our first anniversary is in May) and I have found it to be the case that most of the time, I am more competitive than he is. I really like your idea of playing without keeping scores! Thanks for the advise!

  6. Hi Angela,
    The not keeping score makes for a much happier and united marriage. Glad to hear that you are careful to protect your unity!

  7. Interesting topic, Jolene. I agree that competition can be a divisive thing in marriage. So thanks for highlighting how to deal with it, if and when it crops ups. 🙂

  8. Like you, we learned very early in our marriage that competition did not work. We stopped keeping score during any games and play only to have fun. It worked for us. Thank you for this wonderful post! And for sharing on NOBH!

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