1. Hello my friend,

    As usual we seem to be on the same page. While leaving the theatre I commented to Frank that I wish they (this company) would make movies also geared toward the wives. All of their movies seem to be geared more toward the husband’s role in marriage (excepting perhaps Fireproof).

    Sadly, I just responded this morning, to a post written by a wife who happily claimed that she was living a great marriage without the bondage of submission. Needless to say, my response was quite long. (Sigh) It seems to me that more people are in bondage to “self” than to submission. I am pleased to say I know several wives who would gladly go watch a great movie to encourage them, but (as you stated) there are just as many, if not more, who would have a problem with it.

    By the by, there actually is a book out by this company that goes along with the movie “Courageous”. They have (like with Fireproof) a book for the men to go through, a book for the women, and a study guide for the couple to go through. They also have copies of the Courageous Resolution that can be purchased. All of these items just went on sale at Family Christian Book Stores, should any of your readers be interested. I don’t believe they have a Resolution for Women though! Very neat!

    Thank you for sharing your heart, it is always a blessing to hear what the Lord has been teaching you. It inspires the rest of us to “rise to the occasion”.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. Hi friend,

    Wow! Bondage to submission???!!! How sad for her that she has yet to experience a wonderful thing in a Godly marriage! Submission does not equate a doormat, yet that is what many women think. That is a lie from the pit of hell and unfortunately many, many women (believers) have bought the lie- hook, line and sinker! And by the way, they are lying if they are saying that they have a great marriage if they are not submitting to their husbands! How do I know that…because God’s Word tells the wives to submit to their husbands! This, as you know, is what God’s will is for us wives. Father knows best!
    Stay strong in the faith friend (I know you will)
    Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Hi Friend,

    Great job in following the Lord’s leading to cause more women to make a concious stand to follow our heavenly Father and what He says in His word. I am with you and cut and pasted a resolution to put on my bathroom mirror. This way it will be seen as I am starting my day and it will put my priorities in the right place. My desire is the serve the Lord and to follow His word because as you said Father knows best. He wants the best for us and our marriages and by following Him we can have that. Thanks again for the encouragement and for causing us to stand more uprightly!! Many blessings on you and your family!!

  4. Great idea to hang the resolution on your mirror! Our lives (whether we follow the Lord or not) will reflect just that! Life can either be about us, or about our Father! Thanks for your sweet encouragement too!

  5. My husband and I had the priviledge to see Courageous back over the summer during a pre-screening of the film. It is one of the best films I have seen! Thank you for sharing the contrast between husband and wives and the different films that relate to one another. I think it is awesome idea about the ‘A Woman’s Resolution!’ I would love a copy if you share it with others.

    Be Blessed!

  6. Hi Tonya,
    Yes, I have a copy of the Woman’s Resolution that you can have. You can go to the top of my blog and click on ‘Becoming Courageous’ and you will find the whole Resolution there. You can print it, email it, or share it!

  7. I found your website through Women Living Well and am in total agreement with you about a movie about a woman’s role as outlined in the Bible. A couple of days ago my husband and I were having a conversation about me trying to submit to him and truly honor and respect him and how it seems that the new role of women started in the 1950’s or so because of the feminist movement. If that had never happened, how different would our world be? I believe that women should be given a right to vote, drive, etc. but it seems now that women are actually “expected” to work outside of the home and that it is frowned upon if a woman is just a mother and wife. I currently work outside of he home 4 days per week but would really love to be able to stay home with my 2 children and be the keeper of my home. During my conversation with my husband he had mentioned that the reason that wages have not increased more even though prices of goods and services have substantially increased over the years is at least partially due to more people being in the workforce (women) and they are generally paid less money. Raising children and taking care of our homes should be priority number 2 only after our relationship with God but most women choose to conveniently ignore parts of the Bible that they do not agree with, namely Titus 2:3-5. Learning to submit to my husband has not been an easy thing to learn but through God’s help I know that I will learn and I will have a better and stronger marriage for having put in the time and effort and pray that my children will be able to grow up and have wonderful marriages also.

  8. Hi Krisitn,
    I am glad you stopped by The Alabaster Jar! I agree with what you are saying about our society, the feminist movement, etc. Yes, I believe as well a woman should have a voice to vote and the means to drive a vehicle, but I do not believe those are the core issue with the women today. The roles between husband and wife have been blurred. Women are capable of many things and just because we are women does not mean we are doormats…WE JUST HAVE DIFFERENT ROLES than men. I also believe submission is hardest for a wife when it was not something that her mother displayed/emulated to her when she was being raised. Our upbringing makes a big impact on us, but with Christ’s leading, we are being transformed daily.
    Stay strong my friend! You will soon see that as you submit to your husband, life will become easier and you will develop a stronger and more beautiful marriage! Read my post, “Why God Has Not Called Me to Get a Job, Part 1 http://joleneengle.org/?p=103 and you will see where I came from with my upbringing and my view on submission.

  9. We haven’t seen courageous yet and it looks like we’ll be waiting for it to come out on video, but here’s my perspective: I would love love love a movie about building a Christ centered home, raising godly children, and fully submitting to the headship God has placed over the wife, but I don’t think things are as bleak as it may seem on the surface.

    For the most part I think women are the ones who are mostly reading the blogs, the books, and the articles on strenthening our marriages. We’re the ones who are mostly listening to focus on the family or family talk radio, and we’re also the ones who are most likely to seek out marriage counseling if things look bleak. Not to mention authors like Janette Oake and even Laura Ingall’s Wilder write fabulous (non)Fiction about the struggles around having a godly home. (The last series I read by Oake I was just begging the wife to submit for around 100 pages, she finally did : ) and things worked out for the better)

    What I do find interesting however is the fact men are less inclined to seek out these sources of godly influence, and for that a movie like Courageous seems Fabulous. And actually when I think about it, there are some very godly movies based on the woman’s perspective. They’re just so happen to be based on the Janette Oake Love comes softly books. Unfortunately those movies weren’t made for theaters and had less of a Christian message.

    With all of that being said, I love your female version of the challange, and maybe someone will make an adaptation of it for a modern day family rather than one set in the old west, come to think of it maybe this post has just inspired my first fiction book : ) Actually I truly think it has. Funny how God works, I couldn’t go to church this morning because of a sick little one and I otherwise probably would never have found this post, but now my mind is just reeling with ideas. I guess I’ll need to mention you in the acknowledgements if this comes to fruition : ) Oooh I’m excited now.


  10. KML,
    I am glad to hear that you like my female version (smile)…so much so that you might write a book about it! If it comes to fruition then to God be the glory!

  11. What a great idea!
    I thought much the same thing when the movie ended. I found myself absolutely loving it and thinking of the men in my life that could benefit from seeing it, and yet I wondered if they wouldn’t make one directed toward women about being the wife and mother that God requires.
    Now, you have inspired me. Perhaps, since I am not married and don’t plan to be for a while now, I could write a resolution for young ladies who desire to serve God with their lives… this has been a topic that I’ve been learning much about, lately. 🙂

  12. Hi Rachel,
    A resolution for young women sounds wonderful! I am sure our Father would be blessed by your efforts! 🙂
    Blessings in your endeavor.

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