1. I have made the Resurrection Rolls a couple times, just as a dessert, and I have a couple tips.

    I have found it easier to add the cinnamon & sugar to the melted butter (I use the Land O Lakes un salted butter) then dip the marshmallows in that. Then once they come out of the oven you can spread the remaining butter mixture on top of the rolls.

    Also don’t be afraid to add a little extra cinnamon, the rolls can be a little bland. My next attempt I am going to try nutmeg and/or all spice to give it a little more flavor. Or maybe even some flavored marshmallows.

  2. Love this! Looking for “Christ-centered” activities for Easter and not all bunny stuff. After all, it’s about Christ. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great ideas! I have never done the cookies or the rolls. I’m gonna consider that for this week! We love Resurrection eggs.

    1. The rolls are addictive! But they are very gooey, so be prepared for stickiness. I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to make them with me.

  4. I love these activities! Due to some physical problems, we may not be able to attend church on Easter and that is such a huge bummer! So, I was looking for some fun things to do to really focus on what tomorrow is really about- and we don’t do the bunny thing either. Thanks for the wonderful activities! We are going to do the Resurrection cookies tonight! Thank you for cheering me up 🙂 and for boldly sharing what you do for Easter! I love to meet other Jesus Freaks! 🙂

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