1. Your post is so true! I am a type-A personality trying to learn to be God’s woman as He meant me to be, but today, as usual, He had to remind me “it’s not by works I am justified, but by faith.” This message came through you and a woman’s seminar over the radio. Not too long ago, I shared this with a sister-in-Christ who is a baby Christian who shared with me her sin load. I was quite honored God had given me this message to share with her. I will be sending her this blog post and the link to Alabaster Jar for her continued encouragement. In fact, I think I will send this to all the women God has blessed me with!!!
    Thank you, Jolene for having the faith to be obedient!!!

  2. Your email could not have come at a better time! I am currently a part-time resident in the land of doubt! But I would love to move away permanently! I doubt that God is truly healing my husband, that he won’t die young like his mother did, that my daughter will overcome her ADHD, that we will get out of debt….you name it, I can doubt God’s truth in it. Each day, each hour even, I am trying to reset my mindset and walk in God’s Truth that He is with me and His promises are true. He is with me no matter what. I will overcome worry and doubt and walk in God’s freedom! Thank you!!

  3. Hi Jolene,
    What a great post. I tend to doubt and think that the Lord can’t do all the things that I believe need to be done but He is constantly reminding me that His way is the perfect way. His timing is perfect. He is perfect. I doubt and He is perfect. Why do I doubt? Why do I think that He won’t heal, fix, provide a way, etc. He is very faithful to show me miracle after miracle and yet I still doubt. I guess that is the flesh talking!! Anyway, great post and I will purpose to try daily to NOT doubt!!
    Blessings dear Sister,

    1. Yep, His ways are perfect! But of course our humanness will cause us to doubt from time to time! Yet, God is always faithful even when we’re faithless.

  4. Jolene, I absolutely love this post! I get so caught up in worry sometimes that it’s hard to remember what faith is like, but I choose to use my faith muscles… knowing that even when I am faithless, He is faithful. Beautiful message to reflect on this Easter week.

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