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  1. This was a great podcast. I just wanted to add some more tips for wives who are looking for ways to initiate and become more comfortable being sexy with their husbands.

    As a virgin bride who grew up sheltered from sexual talk, it was all very new and enough to make me blush when we got married, but I soon realized that sex with my husband (and only him) was good and blessed by God. You have the right and freedom to be as sexy with him as you like, and it works the other way around. Take pleasure in pleasuring him, and practice being sexy in little ways that pique his interest – sexy texts, like Jolene mentioned, always get my hubby interested and thinking about me while he’s at work. Lighting candles in the bedroom and putting on a sexy outfit or nightie also work. My hubby likes when I come up behind him and nibble his ear and whisper playfully about how much I want him. Find what makes your man excited and delight in delighting him! It’s all a part of keeping him interested in you and only you! Ask him what kind of fun things he may want to do or try in the bedroom, and ask what you can do for him in return. The more often you practice being sexy with him, the more natural it will become to you.

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