1. I’ve been thinking over this man’s situation. Isn’t there anything actively that he can do? What if he appeals to her and she doesn’t listen? Should he just sit by and watch his marriage disintegrate? What about telling the elders of his wife’s behavior and hopefully they would not permit her to lead worship anymore until she got her home in order? If there is fighting, yelling and cussing, it is usually because the wife doesn’t realize that the husband is the head of her. She is called to submit to him in everything. Whenever I hear of arguing and fighting in a marriage, it is almost always because the wife is being unsubmissive; not always, but usually.

      1. That is my situation. My husband loves racing. He put going to the races before everything else. He is gone most Friday and Saturday nights. When he is home he is frequently either watching racing on tv or on his phone watching Facebook posts and videos about racing. I have tried changing myself to no avail. I’m still alone and lonely a lot of the time as even when he is home i feel ignored and unimportant. We have gone to counseling and nothing has changed. Im exhausted of feeling like the only one who is tying to make our marriage work. He is simply not willing to give thus far. What do I do with a spouse who isn’t spiritually leading our family, not meeting my needs, and is unwilling to change or sacrifice for us? I don’t like divorce as an option but I feel like I have no other options when he won’t change.

        1. I feel for you, and I can relate, almost exactly. Don’t give up. God has a plan.
          “Racing” dominated and consumed our life for years….My husband raced go carts, then dirt late models. And although It wasn’t really my thing, I supported him because I loved him and we went together as a family. But It got old and very tiresome. Our girls were young and never had any time to play with friends, swim, or do anything else, Sometimes it felt like more than i could stand, it caused a lot of arguments, it was such a struggle, with the kids, homework, the money, the bills. We both worked hard but never had any money to do anything else. He worked every spare moment on the carts/car and all nite every Friday nite in the garage getting ready for a race, and his friends were always here, We left for the race on Sat afternoon and got home about 4 am. It was a struggle getting up for church and sunday school but i made myself do it. My husband didn’t go with us regularly. I felt like me and the kids were sacrificing so much for his expensive HOBBY. I kept praying for God to help.
          We survived. Our marriage survived and now my husband is in church and even preaching. Looking back over our 32 years of marriage I can see that the devil was always trying to destroy our home. He sets traps in front of us constantly. But God had a different plan. Basically for us, It all boils down to this, “how deep is your love for that person” We can go thru a lot sometimes if that love is strong enough to stand the test. With Gods help you can work through it. I feel that it is not His will for marriages to fail or homes to break up. My husband didn’t see the sacrifices I made, or our kids made.
          If I can say one thing positive it is that if your husband has been willing to go to counseling with you then he must in fact really love you. Most men will not even consider going and telling someone their problems.
          There are lots of resourses available to help built/restore marriages, always choose the Christian resourses, you have already reach out to one right here.
          Don’t ever give up. I will be praying for you

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