1. What a wonderful post! I just found your blog and it is really moving.

    I have a questions, though…

    What do you mean by “Live a poured out life for the Master,”

    Thank you, Ameriah

  2. Hi Ameriah!
    I am so blessed to hear that you enjoy this part of my heart; my service to the Lord through this blog!

    Thanks for asking about what my closing words mean.
    I sign all of my posts with, “Live a poured out life for the Master”, because it is a reminder to live a life where we should pour ourselves out for Christ; to bring Him glory and/or build His kingdom (rather than expecting Christ to always bless us!) We can live a poured out life for the Master as we give honor and respect to our husband, train up children for God’s glory, cleaning toilets with a sweet and loving attitude, minister to the homeless, serve in childcare at church, or write a blog. Whatever it is that God’s Word has asked us to do or whatever it is that the Holy Spirit has prompted in your heart, the encouragement and charge is thus to pour out your life for Christ. Be a sweet, smelling aroma to Him. The woman in the scriptures took her Alabaster Jar, which was something very costly, and she poured it out on Christ. She did so because she was grateful for His unconditional love towards her and the forgiveness that He extended to her. I want to be a woman like that! And I want to encourage other women to do that as well. You can read a little more about my thoughts on the Alabaster Jar at my post titled, “What is Your Alabaster Jar?”
    Hope that answered your question sweet sister!
    Thanks for stopping by and I hope to connect with you again real soon!

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