1. Greetings dear Jolene, I am an Indian lady and I have been reading and listening to your blog, and I am so inspired by your honesty and by your answers that are based with utter respect and love for God’s Word, which is always true! I feel myself become an even better wife (just celebrated 20th wedding anniversary!), and an even better mom of two incredible teenage boys, and I feel surrendering to God’s word washes away my daily fears and emotions that only serve to weaken my resolve and confidence. The reason I am writing to you is also that you mentioned that you face many negative comments in your work, and I wanted to thank you for sharing this as it gives me even more resolve to be strong and at peace to practice my faith with complete devotion without worrying so much about what the “outside world” thinks or how others react. Blessings and with much gratitude for your wisdom and encouragement, Anuradha

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