1. Hi Jolene, I appreciate your transparency about having to turn down the offer to minister due to minuets rung your family first. Of course the article as whole was awesome, but putting your family first vs. an opportunity to speak/ minister which was also a thoughtful gesture of your Sister in Christ. Sometimes we can be out of order where it concerns the home and ministry and forget that our family after God Himself is our first ministry. We can tend to get things twisted because it’s Kingdom Business but God is a God of order. I can attest when Iwas married ( I’m divorced) but married to Jesus?….I had so many things out of order and because I was never taught my husband was my first before my kids, family members, friends, the church, etc….I never knew there was an order God instructed us to follow….I did was I thought was right…but after growing up Spiritually and blessed to be in the presence of wise woman of God that took me under their windy…I now know better. I thank God for order and how it keeps peace in the home. I appreciate your love and passion to see others prosper in their marriage and keeping it real!!! May God continue to make His Face shine upon you and family and your ministry!

    Bless you my Sister in the Lord!

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