1. As I started reading this post, I started mentally checking each point off.
    THEN I got to kindness. I’m generally kind to my man.
    I read the opposite of kindness: “disagreeable”
    I’ve found myself becoming more and more disagreeable with him!
    Even in trying to keep it sweet and light, its the spirit behind it that makes it more strife-filled.
    I’m so glad that I took the time to read and not breeze through!
    There’s ALWAYS something to learn as we walk through marriage.

    I think for me, I’m starting to get more comfortable with him (even though we’ve been married for 21 years). He has a strong personality and I’d always been the “yes” girl. He has, over the years, encouraged me to be more vocal. I think I may take it a little further than I should!

    1. Hi Kela!
      Oh, the virtue of Kindness…yes, I definitely need more of that in my character! You touched on a typical problem for most marriages- getting comfortable! Complacency is hard to combat, but with Christ, it can be done. Thanks for sharing. And it’s good to hear from you!

  2. Often times we pray for our husbands to change. I have learned to ask God to change me first…. My actions and reactions can change the entire tone of our home. This is a printable post for me:) thank you!

    1. You are spot on, Shawn! Glad to know what I shared blessed you. I might even create a list of the virtues (and their opposites) so it’s more printable and user-friendly.

  3. Thank you Jolene! I was in need of this reminder! I work full time and before I leave work I pray and get myself mentally prepared for my house duties…homework, baths, dinner, lunches, a load of laundry and within minutes I let the tantrums, sibling disagreements, homework battles, and a husband that sometimes says a joke and it all goes out the window. I like to think that I let a few things go and are not worth a battle and there are times that I just can’t and I lose it. My husband constantly points out to me that I lose it and have attitude and doesn’t realize the times I DON’T lose it or have attitude, yet he points out the bad without realizing that he is sometimes the reason. I use to pray for my husband to change but I realized that I need to pray for myself to change yet it is so hard! I feel like I will never get it. I feel like I get tested and I always fail. Why is it so hard to keep my composure when situations are being so annoying and in my face? I struggle with this more often then I would like to admit, but I know that I will never give up asking for God to change me to the woman, wife and mother HE created me to be. Thanks again!

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