1. I just read the post about the lazy husband Type B(in denial) is my position rite now,and I have noticed I have closed gaps and took my husbands position who takes his job lightly and works on a commision based( he will sleep the day away,go in when he wants to,miss appointments,play games with his friends ) and always have bad months,so I always get scared and pay most bills which live me in debt and him care free,so the question is how do i give him back his role(do I stop buying food,stop paying bills,school fees etc)and be prepared for the storm(he doesn’t even mind borrowing from his mother,friends,sister)I just can’t seem to reach out 2 him to control our finances and they are just a mess,I have tried talking and don’t know what to do anymore.

    1. Hello, I would 1st pray about this situation. From the sounds of it your husband has gotten comfortable and depends on you to be the grown up.. I would seriously set up a meeting with your pastor, maybe he is going thru some kind of depression and he has that I don’t care attitude.. He is the man, whith that said he is the leader and provider of your home, you as a wife are supposed to be his helper and the keeper of the home. Now I don’t want to bash your hubby but look inwards too and make sure you are also letting your husband make his mannly desicions around the house because what that does is gives him that mentality that he is in charge and that his word means something.. The Bible states, wives submit to your own husband’s but also husbands Love your wife’s as Christ Loved the church and how is that unconditional… Good luck, hope this helps

      1. What if you have been the one that’s had to be the leader in the house for so long and the man is not responsible yo get the bills done? Also if things have happened as far as cheering goes more then once thru text msg lies ect how do I learn to forgive? I am very criticizing to him because I’m still angry with him even Thow I made the decession to divorce him we still live together we have three kids and it’s financially hard to be alone I feel we are live in room mates and don’t know if I care for him any more or not when we’re good it’s great but when we’re not well it’s misery ? Help

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