1. I have enjoyed following you; however I have some questions that remain unanswered. While I am growing in learning to love my husband in a way that I believe God would have me to, that is loving when its hard and not always needing o be right, not thinking about myself, and striving to forgive regardless of who is at fault; most of all I have learned that I must constantly stay focused on God and in His Word; but my husband complains of a problem communicating and his perspective of communicating is him saying anything he wants to, he is always right and he blames me 100% and him not at all; some examples of things he says are- 2 days ago he responds to me by saying “I have no reason to trust anything you say”. He was out of town and I had a medical emergency, he never called to see if was ok. He has lt his grown children slander me and verbally attack me and is angry only at me or not “being forgiving” by his definition, although I have reached out in kindness repeatedly. He says that I’m not worth every doing anything special for. I don’t see thing like this ever addressed in the Church; Many women would leave; however I am committed to obedience to God and I do love my husband. I’m not perfect but I don’t believe these things are warranted. I know God is in control and He is my source of strength.

    1. Dear sister in Christ, do not give up! God is faithful, let God change you & set you free from anything between you & Him. Keep loving your husband unconditionally & The Lord will do the rest! I know it, He did a miracle in my marriage! God is in control, every single tear you cry, He is collecting it, He will give you joy for your ashes!!!

      1. Seriously? What she is describing is called abuse. It is very irresponsible of you to counsel her to just continue to take it.

        B- get a good counsellor that can help to build yourself up again. Of course you love your husband, Im sure he has many wonderful qualities- BUT It is not ok for your husband to denigrate you, humiliate you or speak against you or allow others to do so. Its not ok.

    2. I am glad God is your strength. Please know that if this has been and continues to be a problem it borders on emotional abuse. Let him know how you feel when he does this and that you’d like it to stop. Church members can be advised and asked to step in as well so he can be confronted. That is also a biblical way to handle it.

  2. I believe the so called Church needs to butt out of marriages
    .we have Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit to lead & guide us in the way we should go!
    Read HIS word,meditate on it,pray about it & the answer will come.
    Then it’s up to both husband & wife to yield to HIM!

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