1. I don’t know if you allow husbands to comment, but I read your posts with delight. I also share some with my wife.

    So sorry for your cancer diagnosis. 8 years ago my wife noticed a strange growth on the back of my leg. She demanded that I go to the doctor, and not come home until he had biopsied it. My doctor thought it was nothing, but did as my wife ordered. It turned out to be cancerous. Had it removed and no cancer since. But doctor says I am subject to it coming back.

    As a result, I took my social security earlier than planned, applied for my pension, changed the percentage that would go to my wife in case I died first, went on a mission trip, started cleaning out our clutter, continued in my ministry but part time, updated our wills, talked to our daughters of our wishes, am putting savings away in case one of us needs long term care. There are hundreds of smaller decisions that we make every day with the thought in the back of our minds that we could see our maker at any moment.

    If I had 30 days to live, I am doing just what I want to do (the clutter still needs work).

    1. Hi Mike,
      Yes, of course, husbands are allowed to comment! Thanks for sharing your story with us and the changes you have made in your life! Isn’t it interesting how a cancer diagnosis can light a fire under us so we’ll make changes in our lives!

  2. Thank you so much. Just can back from 6 plus week trip with my precious sons. A first in many adventures of a life time.

    This week I a struggling with turning them over to school. What does God want from me in this area ?

    Plus I am embarking on a journey in blog and vlogging. I am so inspired by you site and writing.

    It is the kind of work I want to share with people!

    1. Hi Tanya,

      What an awesome adventure you had with your family! I loved hearing how you’re stepping out in faith to share God’s world with those around the world. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Matt. 9:37

  3. God has spoken to me this morning through your message. I am sorry to hear of the cancer diagnosis but you know that He is with you all the way. And your note makes me move forward to have a small growth that has been ‘bothering’me looked at by my doctor. I have also been worrying about losing my job and yes, I do know what Jesus says about worry. But if I had only 30 days left to live, there are so many other things that are more important. I think I will sit down with my husband this evening and we will discuss the ‘important’ things and make some priority lists. Thanks again.

  4. Jesus is your Healer.

    Jehovah Raphe Remove the Cancer cells from Jolene, remember the good that she has been and is doing in Your Name. Bless her with complete restoration of health by renewing her mind with the truth of Your Word. Help her to stop speaking words of death over herself and to replace it with the truth of the Bible. I pray in the strong mighty name of Jesus, AMEN. Keep fighting the good fight

  5. I live 1.5 hours from my family (daughter, granddaughter mom and brother) I would spend more time with them. I would tell everyone close to me I love them every day. I would stop “working” more than 8 hours a day. I would use all my vacation and spend time with people. I would boldly share my faith with EVERY person I came in contact with. I would do a motivational speech and I would ride on the back of a motorcycle (both on my bucket list). I would give away all possession except those I NEED to survive.

  6. I pray for you In Jesus Almighty Name that whatever is trying to come against you Must flee Right now! For the mighty work he began you will accomplish. No weapon formed against you will succeed. I. Jesus Name Amen. Jolene I love your name you have touched my life over the years we met on Facebook. I’m no longer there I get your emails and I can’t wait to get read them . I’m currently beginning a nursing career that I’ve put off for years the enemy has tried to stop me with anxiety of scrutiny by others. I know that’s not who I am. Tried to stop me with disappointment. Lol. In his face. I’m appointed by Lord Almighty. I have however been standing kinda paused. I choose to live each moment to its fullest I want joy peace kindness to shower me all of us. Have a blessed journey laugh at the enemy

  7. John 15:13 tells us, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

    Thank you Jolene for being there for ALL of us on line who read your web site posts that help us in our own relationships!

    Do fight this and keep a positive attitude! My sister in law, has stage IV Lobular breast cancer and she’s been fighting for 4 years now ! She keeps a positive attitude and gets 2nd and 3rd opinions before she makes any decisions what meds to take etc. That is best advice I can give you since my sister in law and I talk all the time about “stuff”/Life. Sorry you have to go through this trial but we all know you are a STRONG WOMAN and can and will do it. I did have a lady friend at work who had skin cancer and she got all of those growths cut off. Then 5 yrs. later, one came back and again, she did it. Stay out of the sun – wear your pretty hat – and remember WE ARE ALL PRAYING FOR YOUR HEALTH!

  8. Jolene, my friend! So sorry about your diagnosis. I know in my heart the good Lord has you in His mighty hands. I am praying for swift healing and recovery for you. I love your question. Just so happens it’s date night and I think this is a wonderful and “loaded” topic of discussion for the hubby and I to have. Always good to keep evaluating life and priorities, as they often easily slip behind less important things. Having battled with health issues myself the past few years I know all too well the thoughts that bring that question to the surface. I pray God will cover you with an added measure of His perfect peace as you fight the good fight. Always remember, He goes before you. You aren’t fighting this alone. Love you, girl!

  9. I have just discovered your blog Jolene. Thank you for sharing so honestly about your life. Thank you for modelling how to receive troubling news in such a good way. Your determination to to make the most if your life, not just with a bucket list, but with Godly priorities flies in the face of everything the world says. God bless you.

    You have encouraged me to the about my priorities too.

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