1. This is a well-fitting response to the woman’s question. I pray she finds the courage to do it.

    October Baby was so touching. I wish all woman would watch it before making their final decision on abortion.

  2. wow! Great godly, biblical advice. May I add my 2 cents? I’m a child of divorced parents b/c my father chose to abandon his vows to my mom and to God. He cheated and within 1 year was married to the woman who broke up our family. I HATED her with all my being and I felt my mom was justified in hating her as well. We all want justice and this was SO unjust. My mom struggled financially, but mostly spiritually, consumed with hate and bitterness. After almost 30 years I can honestly say she (and I) is rid of bitterness. She forgave my dad and his wife on her own, but wouldn’t it have happened, potentially, so much sooner if she had been asked to forgive? Really, forgiveness is not for the person that did the wrong, it is for the person wronged. You simply asking her pours out a blessing ON HER–make sure that is your motivation… this should not be motivated by how YOU feel, it should be so she can start healing, though I believe you will feel the effect of that blessing as well.

    I agree a short, to-the-point note is the way to go. An “I’m sorry, I know I was wrong and I humbly ask for your forgiveness” would be a balm over the years. You getting “in her face” so to speak is more about you and less about her. And this needs to be about her, what she can handle, when she can handle it…

    I too am glad you saw your role in this and have come clean with God. And remember, your forgiveness is from God– Christ has already taken this from you when he went to the cross. Blessings on you and all involved.

  3. As a wife who chose to ask her husband to leave when he refused to stop his affair, I want nothing more than never to hear of the other woman ever again.

    They are “in a relationship” on Facebook. They are celebrating with my son on his birthday. I am alone, cleaning the house that was a home for my son’s party with his friends later.

    Your asking her for forgiveness is looking to take something more from her. If she wants to offer you forgiveness, she will. You may never know about it. Respect her and leave her alone. It is the least you can do.

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