1. Thank you so much for addressing this issue. My husband has said this to me more than once and I’m only about 30 pounds from the weight I was when I met him 13 years ago. It was a blow to the heart, my self esteem, everything. I’ve since gone to the gym and working on other things to lose that weight with no support from him at all. It’s hard to forgive when those words hurt so much. I haven’t talked to him about it, I’m just so angry and mad that I sometimes just want to hold it against him and never have sex again. And when I do hit a good weight I want to hold back from having sex so he knows what it feels like. I know revenge is definitely not right, but sometimes I just want to.
    Thanks for the podcast, I will talk to my husband about what this has done to me.
    God Bless

    1. You are so welcome! I’m glad it was of help to you! I can only imagine the blow to your heart. What a blessing to hear you’re going to try to move forward and tell him how his words wounded you. Restoration will lead to a stronger marriage.

    1. It just so happens that I went through menopause at a very young age which I know is some of the problem. Getting old is so fun! haha!

    2. Of course! Our hormones play a huge role in our metabolism. I entered peri-menopause at age 31. It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster and it’s wreaked havoc on my waistline.

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