1. I was blessed by your relinquishing your book to God and His timing. I know, as you do, that it will not bless if it is in your time and plan. I’ve rearranged my time, too. The Lord gave me a new position working with troubled high school students. It means a lot of change. I had worked in my old district 25 years. My husband was diagnosed with cancer this summer and had to move closer to medical facilities for 2 surgeries and recovery. All told, I, with the help of my kids and in His strength, moved our household and my school classroom in July. I did get a large pay cut, but I know I am where God wants me for now. My husband is cancer free and living at our home, and I stay in an RV Monday through Thursday nights and return to our home base for the weekends. I am so stress free, so I know I am where God wants me. I am still seeking His leadership in all areas of my life. I just turned 53, and as you can see by my email address, have had some serious injuries in my life. I also broke my back when I broke my neck the last time. With God’s healing and grace, I am riding a bike 30-50 miles per week, and probably starting to work out a gym. I lost 30-35 lbs, and need to lose 65 more at least, but I’m at peace about all of this, too. I love Him, and was so blessed this Easter for the reminder of His love and resurrecting power. He blesses daily with works of art in His creation, with the gift of love and laughter with the students He has given me. Thanks for your devotionals.

    1. Sherry, what a wonderful blessing to hear that you are getting better, you’re stress free and your husband is cancer free! God is able and He’s faithful.

  2. I will be praying for you and your family as you continue to follow His leading.

  3. Jolene,
    I don’t leave a comment often but I do read your posts and just wanted to say thank you for your amazing heart. You are a blessing.
    With love, Beth

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