1. Just wanted to thank you for this post and for Doing the video, I can completely relate to not feeling comfortable with that kind of medium. I have to admit that it gave your response a more personal contact that I think might of helped with addressing these kind of issues. The will is a stubborn thing and a personal plea is much more likely to help us become determined to surrender it to God. Thank you for you time and attention to detail!

  2. Jolene, Thank you for your newest videos. I am such a visual and auditory learner. I like to play your videos in the kitchen while I’m cooking. My boys also enjoy listening to them as it helps me be a better momma! Would you do a few videos on finances? Blessings, Kim

    1. Hi Kim,
      Blessed to hear that my videos have helped you! Give me more specifics on what you’d like to see/hear on finances and I’ll let you know if that is something I can cover.

  3. I loved this message! It is applicable to every struggle where we just don’t WANT to do the right thing. Thank you for the reminder that it is about His Will 🙂 It’s great to put a voice to the written posts too.

  4. Thank you. I needed this this morning. I am so tired of feeling hurt almost every single day. I was so discouraged, I just stopped praying about it, altogether. I know God knows my heart, and I am praying now for patience and for a change of heart in my husband. We are less than 5 years from being “empty-nesters”, and I have just recognized his treatment of me for what it is: emotional abuse. I’m praying this morning, because I want to follow the Lord and I want my marriage to last, but I feel like my heart is in a war zone, and I honestly don’t know what will keep us together after our kids move out. I love him. I have loved him for 22 years. That will never change, but I can’t live this way for the rest of my life. The criticism, the jealousy, the judgments, I just can’t take much more. Please pray for strength for both of us, for me to hold on and for him to open his eyes and see what he’s doing. Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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