1. Keep up the good work! Your teachings mean alot to me. They have a lot of wisdom and console. May our good God continue to bless you and family.

  2. Good read. This is exactly what I needed. While I know this will not be easy for me to do. I will encourage my husband and build him up in the name of Jesus. Thank You!

  3. I just don’t think this advice would work. A man who does not provide for his family will just feel validated and enabled if his wife dotes on him and acts as though he’s doing enough when he is not. That’s dishonest, in fact. I believe there would be better boundaries that would encourage the husband to do what he SHOULD be doing, but isn’t.

    This might mean telling him if he won’t provide that she’ll have to ask others for money to help. It might mean she has to get a part-time job (or send her kids to work) and he’ll have to watch the others. It might mean she explores way to earn income herself.

    If he gets defensive and won’t listen it’s because he knows he’s wrong. The answer is not to pretend he’s right, but to enact boundaries and consequences that cause him to desire change himself.

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