1. Thanks so much for sharing your story! My husband and I are houseparents at a group home for foster children. I know through their stories how painful hard times growing in homes full of rejection can be. May God bless you and your husband as you help women with Biblical answers to their everyday problems!

  2. Thank you so very much for listening to God and being willing to be used for His glory in all you have gone through. My hope and prayer through the things I’m going through (which don’t come close to comparison) is for God to use me also for His glory and the chains of self and depression be broken. Thank you for being here and inspiring others 🙂

  3. After my adopted mother died and my father and I couldn’t get along I ended up in foster , three to be exact. The First Lady was a lot like my adopted mother. They did a lot of the same thing. Things happened there that no one knew about and as far as I know they still don’t. My second and third foster parents were family’s from the church I attended after the first foster mother passes away. I had been with her from 12 1/2-16. The second set didn’t know anything about teenagers all their kids were eight and under. I never studied enough things I just couldn’t do right. He was a dog doc so guess who never went to a real doctor. The third set they had a daughter a couple years behind me in H.S.. They were nice but I never felt at home. Now I have five grown children, 13 grands and 3 great- grands. And though life was hard at times it is what you make of it good or bad.

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