1. Thank you!! I needed to read this! I’ve been struggling with whether or not to keep blogging and this was such an encouragement.

  2. Maybe this problem is most apparent in theology/biblical issues. By way of example, I have heard one preacher say “God spoke to me and told me to tell you all the truth about predestination….” and I have heard an equally astute and God-loving preacher say “God spoke to me and told me the truth about free-will….” (I am just using the pre-destinatin controversy as an example, I have seen Christian men and women alike, including me at times, say that God told them, or it was God’s will/message, to back their stance on any number of controversial biblical issues) How can God give two people, both of whom love Him and are genuinely seeking His will, two opposite answers?

  3. Hi Felicity,
    I had to smile at your ‘Alabaster Jar and vessel’ comment! God is sooo great, He is even in the details! When I was about 99% finished with launching this blog (with a different title that I wasn’t sold on, by the way) I was searching the Bible for a scripture I needed to help explain my love for Him. The Scripture was the woman with the alabaster jar. A verse I have read many, many times, but when I read it that night, the Lord took my breath away and I KNEW that was to be the title of my blog. Needless to say, I had to start all over again and design everything from scratch. For years, I have felt like a broken vessel, I wrote a post about it and how God has fashioned me into a new, better to Him, and more useful vessel for His kingdom. So, yes, there is a correlation to the title and being a vessel. I also sign my posts to live a poured out life (like a vessel/Alabaster Jar) for the Master. This was all the Lord’s idea though. I am not bright enough nor creative enough to come up with this stuff! Thanks for your encouragement to keep speaking the Truth! Regarding your in depth question regarding God’s will, I’ll have to answer that one in a post. (I love your questions, btw!) I believe it would be good for others to hear about the leading of the Holy Spirit as well. I am currently working on The Lazy Husband post right now, so, I am not sure how quickly I’ll get to it. I do wait for the Lord to speak to me regarding the more complex posts because I really want it to be His words and not my own.
    Blessings to you friend,

  4. I love the way you speak the truth with love and humor. You cause me to really dig deep to follow the Lord through difficulties. Your faith is an inspiration. God bless you!

  5. Hey Marianne,
    Thanks for your sweet words, they blessed me. I think your faith is pretty deep as well! Ya, know, your boy did sail around the world!:) I was at CHEA when you spoke about it!!
    The Lord is with you sister, don’t you forget that!

  6. Oh, it is a small world (no pun intended!). I am so inspired to put my blog in God’s hands and see where He wants to take it. I know He has called me to it. Now I am seeking Him for direction. Loving following your blog – really lovely!

  7. Jolene,
    I enjoyed reading this as I saw much of myself. I am not a homemaker, am not an aspiring writer nor ever want to blog for money. I write what I feel and where I feel God leads. I have a post coming out tomorrow on Christians supporting Kony 2012 that I know will ruffle feathers but it is where I feel God calling. And, my husband is 100% behind it. He even told me a sentence to add :).
    I say, good for you. We need to read things that will challenge us!

  8. Shanda,
    Happy to hear that you can identify with my ministry! Yes, we do need to read things that will challenge us! Love that. Link up here on Monday. I’d love to read your post. Don’t know a whole lot of anything about Kony!

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