1. Great Article! I used to be offended by that verse too. But I’ve come to realize it’s a blessing, and there are certain things we can do because we are the weaker vessel, not just in spite of it. Like comfort and support our husbands for example.

    1. Misty, you make it sound like all we can do because we’re weak vessels is pat our husbands on the back and give him whatever he wants. That doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship to me.

      And Jolene, I seriously doubt that men carry more on their shoulders than women. We’re the ones that have to go through the pain of having the children and responsible for most of their care and growing. We’re the ones that are expected to cook and clean and be pretty and perfect despite what goes on during our day simply to please the one who wears a tie. We’re the one that is expected to swallow our pride and get over ourselves and “submit” despite that we may be better at some things than the almighty man. We’re the ones that have been programed to feel so deeply and ridiculously. We’re the ones with the disadvantages physically, culturally, and even religiously. We are not the weaker vessels. We are different. And I am not convinced that God said this. It was written by Peter, a human author with opinions, experiences, up-bringing, and cultural prejudices. I have a seriously hard time believing that God would mark women as “weak” when we are the ones that have to have our bodies ripped to shreds to bring life into this world and then have our hearts live outside us for the rest of our lives.

      1. u are not a weaker vessel but a chosen generation don’t be emotionally manipulated.there is no difference between man and wopm an in Gods eyes God created us to support one another not to dishonor one another or undermine our gifts either physically or spiritually,there is no greater gift for a man than a woman who acceptys Jesus as their Lord and savior than life and everlasting.The whole world is guilty of sin and when u confess your sins before God u r no longer a subject of sin Christ is now in your head.a physical man is bneither God or Jesus u don’t pray in the name of a man remember bin the head of a house is an office.if Jody has personal experiences she is entitled to wateva she feels not evry woman is her buit its left to u wat u decideher humble pie is that she lacks many gift and a level of intelligence and finds a man coming to her rescue doesn’t justify everyone is like her.i know many intelligent and woman more clever than many men and women.afterall they are not idols or Godthey are just humans like us .there is no reason for stigmatization..a guy insulted me one day with the name eve I wasn’t just angry but I remember ppl taught him what he said.he said to me u r merely her offspring.well that’s what he was taught in church.most ppl forget that that same bible u read says there is no difference between the jew and gentiles,male or female,masters or slave.,does that mean slavery is good?no,does dat mean stigma is good,but so that we may humble ourselves cos Christ also took our place so that we may be one with him.Randee u r a chosen child,u can heal the sick even open the eyes of the blind u r noit ordinary infact u r more than a ordinary man who ius merely physical.u r not a weaker vessel until u AGREE U ARAE COS A WEAKER VESSEL IS SOMEONE WITH AN BROKEN WALL WHO LACKS SELF CONTROL A PERPTRATOR OF WRONG DOING,A POOR DECISION MAKER,A DISORDERLY PERSON,SO WHICH ONE DO U CHOOSE IN ORDER TO BE HUMBLE,jESUS CONQUERED HIS WEAKNESS BE LIKE HIM That’s why he came.i dnt choose my genmder neither will I take blame of eve or adam but admitting am a sinnerand confessing my sins makes me perfect in Gods sight.its not by power nor by might but by the spirit of God.ur unque and special u dnt look exactly like me,no physical man can even do wat u do as a woman.u r a child of God.be wise dnt let bloggers and respondents define who u are pick edifyiong verses of Gods word.God bless u Dearly

        1. in gospel we correct and rebuke in love infact we don’t dishonor imperfect leaders we do everything with a clear conscience most importantly we don’t undermine each other.men don’t need to brag over women and women don’t need to .all our gift were given to us as a blessing and a special purpose.The bodies of women are unique that men will never be them no matter or they try ,so no need for muscle bragging its not bible minded as well women don’t need to prove something to men.God created men and women as companions not competitors remember.i don’t need the bad examples of anyones life cos I read my bible and I understand it properly that we are all images of God.A man cannot create a woman neither CAN A WOMAN CREATE A MAN.INFACT OUR PHYSICAL GIFTS HELPS US TO UNITE NOT TOO SEE OUR SELF DFT FROM EACH OTHER,SO GET IT jODY WE NEED EACH OTHER ITS A SIMPLE PHRSE THAT DOESNT IDOLISE ANY BODY.THATS THE NATURE OF gOD,WE ARE ALL gODS CHILDREN THEDECEIVER WILL BE JUDGED THEN WE WILL ALL BE LIKE ANGELS SO NEXT TIME PLEASE EDIFY DONT BRING UP THINGS THAT MAKES PPL GIVE UP ON gODS WORD.aM A CHILD OF FAITH ,I WILL RATHER TEACH FAITH THAN MERELY QUOTING SCRIPTURES LIKE A TRADITION AND TELL PPL TO SHAKE OFF THAT NAME WEAKER VESSEL, I WILL NEVER CALL ANYONE THAT NAME NEITHER MY SELF COS ITS A DEMEANING NAME AND IT DOESNT HONOUR THE BEARER OR THE GOD,I WILL TEACH LOVE IN SUCH WAY THAT SHOWS SENSITIVITY.I DONT HAVE TO BE A MAN BEFORE I FEEL PERFECT OR KNOW MY PLACE IN CHRIST BUT ADMITTING AM A SINNER4 AND CCOMING TO GOD MAKES MY LIFE A GREATER VESSEL.SUBMISSION IS NOT JUST A WORD BUT DOING WHAT GOD WANTS WITHOUT FEAR OF MAN.TEACH LOVE NOT JUST OBLIGATIONS WE KNOW PPL LIKE THE WORD SUBMISSION BUT CHRIST WAS NEVER A DICTATOR BUT HE KNEW DESPITE HE WAS SUBMISSIVE HE DID NOT SUBMIT TO THE WAYS OF MEN.TEACH RIGHTEOUNESS

  2. God has changed me over the years as well. How I wish we could learn these lessons early and not have to struggle so much, but sometimes we must fall, and fall hard, for us to listen. I’m trying to teach my daughters these lessons now so maybe it will be a bit easier on them. Thanks for the reminders.
    Always Experiencing Him,

  3. Jolene, I see what you’re saying here, but I have to politely disagree. I believe that God does not call us the “weaker vessel” because our men are stronger than us (what about my cousin’s husband, who has congenital spinal issues?), or better able to handle finances and all of the details that go into money and resource management (I handle those in our home, with my husband’s 100% support and appreciation because I do it well and it stresses him out exactly as you described it affects you, above), or because they are more emotionally balanced that we are (what about the husbands who struggle with depression?). I read a sermon once that addressed this question, and did it very well, and this was not at all the reasoning, and this reasoning was in fact used as example of what this passage doesn’t mean. I’m sorry that I cannot in this moment remember exactly what the sermon gave as the reason, but it was an ah-hah moment for me, and I would encourage you to look into this issue a little more for yourself, and for your readers.

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