1. So is it always the wife’s fault when a husband doesn’t want to be part of his wife’s life and doesn’t engage in his children? Listening to the podcast “Putting forth all the effort in the marriage” I felt like it was explained that it was the women’s fault in this podcast… why did I feel this way?

    1. In God it is not about who’s fault is it. That’s why the Bible teaches us that if someone has something against us we are to go to them and ask for forgiveness. Instead if our natural reaction of expecting them to come to us and ask for forgiveness. In God is about you working with Him in your issues, whatever they are, bringing your self to him as you are, knowing yourself and making your changes and improvements with the help of the Spirit of God and the teachings of His Word and then wait in Him. So many times you see all the same scenario in such a different way after being with Him intimately. So many times we learn rhat it was not someone else’s mistake or problem but ours. So look first at yourself naked soul and all you are in the mirror of the Spirit and then let the Lird mold and change you. You’ll be amazed!!

  2. My put Fort all effort in the marriage he use biblical submission to control , he began doing things without me, his alcoholic family of origin Mother, Auntie and Step sister in his ear. He eventually left without notice with the help of his family of origin and committing adultery. His second marriage, my first. I gave this marriage to God. Is there anything else after going through marriage several times and went back to his vomit

  3. We went to several Christian marriage counseling he reverted back to the same unhealthy behavior

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