1. I am not exactly sure how to word my question, but here goes… I was just wondering your opinion on how familiar a wife should be with the Godly qualities a husband should pursue. Personally, I tend to avoid studying them because my husband just does not have the desire to pursue and develop his relationship with God. He believes in God and he goes with me to church on Sundays, but that’s about the extent. So, instead I try to focus on my growth, which can sometimes be overwhelming on it’s own. Sorry if that was confusing.

    1. Hi Holly,
      You worded your question just fine. 🙂 As a wife, I keep my eyes on me when I read my Bible. God has not called me to be Eric’s teacher or mentor and I’m not his Holy Spirit. Will I ask my husband questions? Yes. Hold him accountable? Yes, if we’ve mutually agreed on it. Will I confront him in love? Yes, but these last two areas are done with much discernment, grace, and Lord willing, humility on my part. A wife is wise if she focuses on her growth. And your actions that point to Jesus will say way more than your words will. Well done, my friend!

  2. Holly and Jolene, thank you Holly for your comment and thank you Jolene for you godly response,
    Holly, I have the same behavior in my husband, he goes to church and prays nightly before work with myself and daughter but does not pursue God nor does he have a godly lead in our home. I am grateful he goes to church and sits with me and participates, even if I have to ask him to.
    I am grateful my husband is sitting in church with me, as there are many women that go to church as their spouse refuses plus my daughter is observing all we do.
    An alcoholic upbringing (his father) is now revealing much hurt and dysfunction in our marriage, drifting is the biggest trouble now in the marriage. A little over a year ago his sister’s son fatally shot himself in the eye, accident. His sister is a mess (it was her pistol the boy fatally shot himself with) and burdens my husband with constant “I am gonna kill myself” and in my husbands desperation to help his sister (both grew up in an alcoholic home, these two have a very close bond) he violates parental and marital boundaries in out marriage and her marriage. I keep my eyes on the Lord above and glance at my husbands drifting (ignores, bills, auto maint,, marriage, parenting and God), I think he lost his faith and his sister does not help with her constant “I wanna die or I wanna kill myself” phone calls.
    Keep praying and write down all you small glimpses of God in your husbands actions, I do and it helps with the drifting behavior we live with today.

    God Bless you both and thank you for the comment and response, it made me smile 🙂

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