1. This is a great list of suggestions to stay close while apart. I’ve written a guest post on another bloggers site similar to this. It’s so hard being away from our spouses! I personally am blessed to not have a military husband, and honestly do not feel I could handle it. I feel women who are married to spouses who are away for any extended period of time are a special breed of women!! (I mean that as a VERY HIGH compliment!!)

    1. Hi Crystal! This is a list that has helped me over the years while my husband and me have been apart. Its not easy that is forsure however when we have Gods tools to over come He does help us to move through our circumstances! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  2. I am so, so, so thankful that my husband does not travel! We don’t do well apart. 🙂 Even for one and two night retreats, we always miss each other like crazy and the night normally ends with my crying on the phone to him. But I have so many friends and family who do have traveling spouses. These are great tips! Thank you Sonya!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Don’t get me wrong we MISS each other like crazy when we are apart either. These are tools that I have found that have worked for us being apart especially when we have no control over being apart! Its not easy but it sure helps when we can fully rely on God to help us through! Thanks for stopping by friend! Blessings

  3. My husband also travel a lot but not at a stretch. Till last month, me and my son were in one town and my husband in another. By God’s grace he got transferred to here last month… and I am so happy! I also don’t do well, when we are apart! But he still has to travel every now and then! Thank you for these tips!

  4. Sonya, thank you for sharing ways to keep our hearts connected. My husband travels two or three nights nearly every week. Although, that is nothing compared to deployment for a year in dangerous places, it is still a strain. That is why I can appreciate well the wisdom you have written. I think I’ll be writing some love letters next week to stick in the luggage!

  5. God is so good! This post is a gift! Especially coming from you. God has been so faithful while Chad has been away but yesterday was a low day for me. Feelings of inadequacy. Thanks to the prayers of many I woke up this morning with joy and a renewed spirit. Then ending my day with this post was sweet. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your heart. Love you!

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