1. Has he tried taking testosterone? This has helped many men be able to perform through old age! As men age, they lose testosterone and need some help some times. I would recommend it way over Viagra or those other drugs as it doesn’t have the side effects that Viagra has.

  2. I am interested in what you said in number five regarding dressing “somewhat provocatively” and “not just for his eyes in the bedroom”. Could you expound upon that? I have been married for 2 1/2 years and we have a 21 month old and a baby on the way. I must admit that I only put on “nice clothes” (which really aren’t even all that nice) when I have to leave the house. Other than that I am in sweats, fleece jackets, sweatshirts, leggings etc. I have plenty of lingerie and probably don’t make an effort to put it on as often as I could. I would not mind, per say, dressing a bit nicer at home, but I find it to be futile when I know that I will end up with my toddlers lunch on my pants. This is something that I struggle with and would love to change, but I just am not sure how that looks practically.

    1. Hi Faith,
      Thanks for your question. I keep the lingerie for the bedroom, of course! But I’ll wear low cut shirts that I won’t wear in public or I’ll wear a sweater over them. I’ll also wear short skirts or shorts around him that I wouldn’t wear out either. Men are visual. They enjoy looking at a woman’s body, so being that I’m his wife, I dress in an un-modest way around him on occasion. 🙂

      And trust me, I do have my days of being in my workout clothes and a hat all day long just from sheer busyness of my day. I don’t make a habit of dressing like this daily. I just try to be mindful of looking nice for my man. Many times a woman will just dress nice when she has somewhere to go/when she’s going out in public. I think a wife should dress to please her husband rather than to look nice for other men so she can get their attention or for pride’s sake when she’s around other women. I am not dressed nice everyday, especially when I’m cleaning my house! But I do make an effort.

      Something you can do since your little ones make many messes is just change into some nice clothes before he comes home from work. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind!

  3. After 42 years of marriage, we have gone through many changes and stages in the bedroom.
    I must say ~ this is great instruction!
    The only thing I might add would be to compliment your husband when you do have a great time of intimacy. Men need to know when it is good! That sort of encouragement has a way of bringing about more passion.

  4. You’re so right, Jolene! These subjects are rarely addressed in the Christian community. I really appreciate your willingness to tackle the issue.

    Great advice, too! We’ve been at it for 29 years, and yes, the man does change. But it doesn’t have to be bad, as long as we’re patient and loving.

    And I strongly agree with Cindy, that times of high passion should be complimented!


  5. men are so visual!! you can not forget that!!!! that is why porn captures men. they really don’t care what it looks like, as long as it is soft, pink parts. TRULY. if your husband is at work all day with women in makeup, nice clothes and then comes home to sweats, dirty hair etc.
    well.. so at 5 pm, sesame street goes on, and I put my hair up, makeup on, nice clothes etc. the house smells good and clean, (sprinkle lemon, vanillla, vanilla works!) even if it isn’t clean, you can fake that, and light a candle. amazing results.
    trade with a friendwith kids once in a while and have a cocktail night?!! it is amazing, even if you don’t drink, to have a appetizer and drinks, it sets a date night mood. you can do it at home, in the backyard, in the dining room too. just something special, wine and cheese, or soda and chips set up pretty.

  6. Thanks for tackling this delicate subject. My husband had changes after heart surgery. My body has changed too through the years. I appreciate the suggestions and encouragement.

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