1. What a great post!! I actually have a post on this topic coming out on Wednesday. thanks for always haveing something to think about. Thanks for letting me link up as well. I’m a follower!

    We Three Crabs

  2. Thanks for addressing this important yet controversial topic. Submission is easier when the husband loves self-sacrificingly, as the Bible commands. Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  3. I downloaded your free guide and am looking forward to the read. I agree with you that this is a widely misunderstood concept and the only way to share truth on the matter is to seek God’s widsom. Thank you for time and effort in this area- I believe Christian women of today can appreciate that sincerely.

  4. Go to my blog. See for yourself what forgiveness can do. Not only for yourself, but for your family.

    Best book I ever read. Love and Respect

  5. I loved this and the other one that got much debate. I read through a few of those comments and they were actually helpful (once I forced myself to get past the anger of some of the women). I find myself being that selfish woman who thinks “I’m not gonna be nice if he’s not”. That has been a huge problem in my marriage. My flesh wants what it wants and I have to die to it daily and I fall way short more then I care to admit. So, thank you for this Jolene. I found it very helpful, insightful, and wise.

  6. I was wondering if this ebook contains anything about submitting when the husband isn’t really leading? Or if you could direct me to any older posts you have on this?

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