1. I’m a very outspoken woman and I can’t help but comment on this article. It made me SO sad. I am a Christian AND a feminist AND believe in submitting to your husband. However I found this article unfair. I don’t know anywhere in the Bible where it says the WIFE needs to be the happy, cheerful, robot as you are suggesting in this article. I stumbled across this yesterday and I have not been able to put it out of my mind-it affected me that much. I feel like you are suggesting that it is the wife’s responsibility to MAKE her husband love her and MAKE him stay. He should want to do that anyway (“be the wife he wants to come home to)…I will start accepting blogs such as yours when I start seeing blogs/books/sermons devoted to teaching the husband how to be a good man….

    1. Are you kidding, Megan? There are tons of blogs/books/sermons devoted to teaching men how to be better husbands. See, for example: http://jbend8.wordpress.com/

      Perhaps feminism has taught you to always make the female gender out to be victimized in some way, shape or form–even in the Christian blogosphere–but it’s simply not true, and your attack on a well-meaning, well-written post was uncalled for.

      Try listening to sermons addressing husbands and wives. They typically hit husbands the hardest, probably because the speaker is generally a man and feels more comfortable addressing the men.

      I suspect that’s the same with the author of this blog: she is a woman, her audience is mostly women, so she focuses more on how to be a better wife. Not rocket science. Not sure what affected you so much.

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