1. I love this! So true. It’s not about going through trials on our strength, but His. I’ve had a couple people who’ve been talking to me lately about why God allows suffering and trials. I can’t help but remember Jesus’ moment of weakness in the Garden of Gethsemane and how He asked if the cup could be passed from Him… and yet He knew it couldn’t, and He stayed anyway. I think people, myself included, often pray similar prayers… if only this trial could just pass me by… if only I could just get through this and put it behind me… if only it didn’t happen to me. I believe God included this moment in Jesus’ earthly lives so we could recognize that Jesus was fully human in addition to being fully God, and that He can relate to us, and we can relate to Him. Jesus had the courage to stay in the garden knowing the soldiers would be coming for Him to take Him away to the worst death imaginable, and He had God’s strength to get Him through it. We also have God’s strength and courage to get through the good, the bad, and the ugly trials – and we just have to remember that God deeply desires our hearts – and for us to turn to Him.

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