1. Jolene,

    I am so thankful for your blog and am very excited that you have decided to start this link up encouraging strengthening marriages…thank you for hosting. I believe that as Christian wives we can always be striving to learn more and striving to “better ourselves” as helpmates for our husbands. I appreciate your story as well (I read in the past)…I just recently did a short “mini series on love and marriage”, and linked up one of the post from it…

    Thanks for your encouragement to strengthen marriages,

    Erin @ Chronic Christian Crafter

  2. Hi Jolene – Monday is a great time to focus on our marriages, plan ahead for the week, temper our responses. I am so glad I found your blog.
    God bless

  3. Embrace his strengths and help to fill in the weak areas, just as you would like him to do for you.
    It is all about extending love and forgiveness and especially undeserved grace, because none of us are perfect.

  4. Hi Jolene,
    I loved this post, especially where you talk about maintaining a oneness in marriage, even in the times when circumstances: health, finances, detractors, could very easily pull you apart. I have read in the past your convictions on staying at home to be a wife, mother, and homemaker and I appauld you for so overtly stating your beliefs backed by His word on this controversial issue. I recently read on another blog that I admire that author (a keeper at home) would not go to work unless her family was being faced with being on welfare. I have seen many close friends and family face this situation: the family facing public benefits as their only seeming option unless the wife decides to work outside of the home. Perhaps with today’s economy, money is the number one thing that drives a wedge between couples. How would you advise a Christian family contemplating going on welfare or having the wife go to work (assuming the husband was physically capable of working)? So many in our community are against government handouts, and for good reason. But this seems like a relevant issue to so many I love without a clear answer. Could you shed some light on what you would do in this situation?

  5. Hi Felicity,
    I just LOVE your question! I will address it in a blog post that I am working on right now. Hopefully I can complete it soon but tonight my Beloved and I will be taping our radio show regarding Resolving Conflict Part 2!
    Thanks friend for your encouraging words. They blessed my heart!

  6. Hi Rina,
    Thanks for stopping by! For it being my first link-up, so far the turn out is not too bad! May God be glorified with whatever goes on with this blog! Glad you enjoyed my post!
    Blessings to you,

  7. Good morning! I found you through the Titus 2 link up. I don’t have an article to link here exactly, but I wanted to say thank you for such a lovely essay. Your parallels and encouragements are just perfect. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Jolene, I’m very excited about this link-up! In a world of husband bashing it is refreshing to be able to read and write about GOD’S view of marriage…that we are ONE in spirit before our Lord.

    My suggestion for building marital oneness is to pray together OFTEN. And I mean more than just the “bless so-and-so” prayers. Real, deep, worshipful prayer. Prayer is such a very intimate thing and when we participate in this spiritual intimacy with one we should be intimate with emotionally and physically, it draws us deeper TOGETHER into the heart of God.

  9. Jolene,
    Such a beautiful & inspiring post. I’m so blessed to have found you today (via holy experience). Thank you so much.

  10. You’re so right about God being the focus and center of our marriages, if we are ever to achieve oneness. Great thoughts here, Jolene!

  11. Building and maintaining strong marriage is a passion of mine! So glad to have found this link-up! What an encouragement! Thank you!!

  12. Thank you so much for the wise counsel you give to women married and unmarried that hope to be married one day for I am one such woman. I come from a divorced household therefore I seek advice and direction through blogs and women that are older than me. Thank you so much for your ministry. I pray that you know you are helping shape women like me who do not have many godly role models to look to in their own lives. Thank you so so much. God bless you and your family !!!

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