1. Great post! It is my true desire to be a Good Samaritan Wife! What a great comparison as there is so much to learn in this story from Jesus. You are so right…it is important to look for opportunities to show respect, listen, offer comfort and simply LOVE our closest neighbor! Blessings, Joan

  2. Hi Joan,
    Thanks for your sweet comment and for linking up to Marital Oneness Mondays! Your post was a wonderful fit (I enjoyed reading about your proposal)! I hope you join us next week!

  3. So often we forget we are our husband’s first line of defense. We are the ones who must be there to minister and support to them. We get so busy in the church with “ministry” and forget our first ministry should be in our own home. Great reminder.

  4. Hi Jolene – You have no idea how chuffed I am to have found your blog. Thanks for hosting this linky and thanks for linking up with me!
    God bless my new friend

  5. Beautiful reminder of how we need to be to the one God has blessed us with even when we may not feel like it. Thank you and God bless your ministry, Jean

  6. Hello. This was wonderful to read. I can appreciate the tough task that a wife has when her husband is suffering and is unable to take his spiritual post in a manner that is in keeping with the Word. In a recent church service we were reminded that even though Peter denied Christ three times, Christ looked upon him in compassion and was still able to use Peter! The Good Samaritan Wife might also consider responding to difficult circumstances by responding as Jesus did to Peter. Even in seemingly impossible situations love conquers all; love never fails! Thanks for sharing and God bless.

  7. I love this concept!! When our husbands are hurting, ministering to him as well as being in the position that we are in to minister to him is key to bringing him closer to God by being an example of Christ’s love for us!
    I tried to link up but it would not allow me to because I am not self hosted. I tried to link a blog post I just did on marital conflict in a blended family. Maybe next time it will work….. http://blendermom3.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/fight-and-flight-my-thoughts-on-marital-conflict/ Here is the link to it in case any blended family moms are struggling with this..

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