1. “He said he doesn’t trust me even though I haven’t done anything to make him not trust me”

    He probably doing something wrong outside your marriage. Someone will feel insecure to his/her spouse, because he/she thought that the spouse will do the same sin.

    1. I agree with what “newme” says. My husband is controlling. With each step I take turning over the control to God, I have more rest in my spirit and peace in my life. It has calmed me down and helped me not to jump to being so defensive. My husband has improved so much since I have given Him to God. It will work every time because God always, always shows up.

  2. Go out and get a job (even part time) for yourself! This way you have your own money coming in and pay for things or get things for yourself and he can’t say he’s “paying for everything” and you are just at home caring for a home life there. Those that control others have some kind of deep emotional problem. You can only pray that God changes him in His time. Don’t let him make you feel inferior — you can’t wear this kind of dress or makeup. That’s nonsense. Be your own person and stand up for yourself! Amen.

  3. First I fell you need to set down and have a talk about it. Tell him you do not want anyone, but it can happen because of the way you are treating. I married you for who are why did you marry me if you want to change me. When you are in a relationship that there is no trust it will never happen. It is his problem from his pass. Unless he get over the trust issue. But you are both I hope and you can work through this together. If you both really love each other you can make this work out, if not I am sorry.

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