1. This sounds just like the real way my husband treat’s me like he doesn’t care or really doesn’t know how to treat me his wife he doesn’t want me to ssa anything about the way I feel and he likes to tell me about the Bible says about how the wife is supposed to treat the husband everything about me don’t come or is last after am so upset with him he have even told me that a marriage is a contract between two people lots of times I just want to be by myself because I believe that you let à person treat you

    1. Hi Velma, I’m so sorry for how your husband is treating you. Wives need to focus on themselves making sure their actions and attitudes honor God. And husbands need to focus on themselves (not their wives) making sure their actions and attitudes honor God.

  2. Thank you for your podcasts. This one is right on the money! You two are so cute! Thank you for your ministry!!

    Signed: A happy wife who is married to a very happy husband 🙂

  3. To me, physical intimacy is just one of the ways for a woman to connect with her husband and it shouldn’t be viewed as the only way. A woman will not be able to know much about her husband through physical acts, and vice versa, as this is only a means for fun and pleasure. It is wiser to think that doing an activity together can help a couple to bond emotionally and spiritually. For example, attending a biblical marriage conference, or maybe signing up for leather workshops. I would encourage any Christian woman to go all way out to learn of her husband’s way of doing things as well as his leadership style so that she can be his perfect helpmate and soulmate. Always aim for perfection, it’s not a hard thing to achieve though it takes hard work. And I think it takes wisdom for a woman to connect with her husband, for wisdom surpasses all knowledge and understanding. Pray daily for wisdom and the Lord will give.

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