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  1. Married 30 yrs. I received Christ 22 yrs ago. He didn’t and continued lifestyle. He received Christ 10 yrs ago but still does drugs and unfiltered tv. I have seen the changes but my heart doesn’t want to open or be intimate at all. He says he doesn’t understand what drugs have to do with it. Its hard to communicate as we are very unequally yoked still and he isn’t sober. I am in ministry he sometimes says he doesn’t believe the Word. I feel hopeless in my hardened heart but don’t want to be more involved. So I stay and serve him in household duties but feel hopeless when I think of my feeling or lack of for the marriage and it blocks in my relationship with The Lord. Am I wrong to stay apart from him when he doesn’t even begin to try and grow and get free.? Thank you for doing this.

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