1. Celebrating our differences…that is great advice. Isn’t that what often attracts us to each other in the beginning? I love that my husband and I have differences. He is strong in one area, and I in another. Our gifts are different, too…and complement each other. What is important is to follow God’s way and keep Him at the center of the marriage. Thanks for sharing your story! Blessings to you! Joan

  2. Really loved this. In my own marriage my husband and I are very different (especially in our background and how we were raised) but we use those differences to compliment one another and that helps us to have a beautiful well balanced relationship. I love the wisdom you share here and I love that you give up the bad from your culture to adopt the good from his and that he does the same for you. I think this is wisdom that should apply to all marriages.

  3. Wonderful post! This post helped me figure out an answer to a dispute. I asked God to help and then I saw the part with Proverbs 17:4. I called him and we’re good now 🙂

  4. Love this. I’m a British Nigerian born and raised in the UK, married to a Ghanaian. We have a whole load of differences too but thank God, the Lord and ourr love for each other are common factors.

  5. I love that… differences may be good, but they are still differences, and we have to be mindful of that…instead of putting down our differences, It’s better to respect the other person’s way of doing things, and learn to love them as they are instead of trying to change them.

    Thanks for sharing!

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