1. Oh wow, I totally forgot about the 31 Day series, I participated last year. What an awesome idea you have! I would love to be one of your 31 bloggers if you have any openings left. I went ahead and “liked” you on facebook! Thanks for hosting today.

  2. O.k., I think I “liked” the wrong page from what you wanted us to do. So I clicked on your link and it had me send you a “friend request,” which I did. So I am hoping I did it right, lol! 😉

  3. What a beautiful idea you have for a devotional! I would love to participate, if there are openings left. I will hop over to your FB. Thanks for hosting this link up each week which I have so enjoyed.
    Have a great Monday!

  4. Great idea, Jolene! The idea of bringing together a bunch of bloggers gives folks a lot of different perspectives on the same subject.

    If you have any openings, I’d love to participate too! I’ll see if I can link up to your FB page as well.


  5. Since I have a FB for my blog and not a personal FB page, I can’t “friend” anyone, unfortunately. If you could email me the details, it would be appreciated.

    And thanks for hosting such a great linky party!


  6. This post is an excellent example of how your readers can tell you have such a passion for them. I love it! Your Heart and calling are so evident!
    I love your 31 bloggers idea and can’t wait to read!

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