1. Great stuff Jolene. I especially like:

    “And a Godly, feminine woman graciously accepts their protection. Not because we’re weak-minded and/or feeble, but rather because we’re showing the men in our lives that we respect and honor. And they happen to feel loved when this takes place.”

    This is so true. I think that sometimes, women feel like we’re being “walked on” when we submit to our husbands, when really we are acting in accordance with the word of God. We must truly learn which “hats” to wear in which circumstances. Your femininity is your superpower! Don’t feel belittled because of something that makes you unique as a woman. It’s hard to remember this sometimes though!

    1. Yep, I totally get the ‘walked on’ thought process. That was once my viewpoint before I got saved, but now I understand the beauty of being feminine and the influence it brings to my husband. It doesn’t matter what the world says, I know what the Bible says and I stand by it’s transforming power.

  2. Great post, Jolene. I teach my young son the same things too. I tell him to love and respect his sister. By doing so he will learn to love and respect me and other women he will come in contact with in his life.

    So true, as women we wear so many different hats. We are mothers, wives, friends and comforters. God as giving us all these abilities, however, as you so rightfully said, we need to learn when and how to wear these hat.


    1. Hi Elissa, what a blessing to hear that you’re training your son up to be a man of Godly character. It’s so needed in our world today. You’re making a difference, mama!

  3. I really enjoyed your post but what stood out to me the most was the section on teaching your boys to protect and guard women; and how we should graciously accept their help. When I was younger my father had always taught me that a man should walk on the side of the sidewalk nearest to the cars passing. As I got older I learned that most men no longer feel this way and many women think they don’t want a man’s help. I grew to accept this and to reject the things my father taught me as a child. I began to believe the lie that women shouldn’t accpet kind gestures like that from men because “they are only after one thing” and that their protection is usually done under false premises and with an agenda. It wasn’t until I started dating my current boyfriend (2 years strong, waiting until he finishes his time in the military to tie the knot) that I remembered the things my father taught me. My boyfriend refuses to let me walk on the sidewalk near cars and I had a really tough time accepting the fact that he simply wanted to protect me. This is just one small example. I think a post of this subject would be very helpful to ladies such as myself. The world has taken something as innocent and kind as a man wanting to protect his woman and perverted it. I would love to hear what you have to sayabout the matter. Much love to you and I really enjoy your blog! You are a great example of biblical submission

    1. Hi Lauren,
      I totally understand where you’re coming from with the walking on the sidewalk story! Although I did not grow up hearing it, when my man and I were dating he told me the same thing when we went out for a run! I was puzzled by what he said and of course I asked him why. So he could protect me was his response. Yes, I believe writing more on this topic would be beneficial especially in our culture today. Thanks for sharing your situation.

  4. Oh wow!! If I did not know any better I would have thought that this post was designed with me in mind. I am twice divorced. The 1st one left me for what he considered to be greener pastures. The 2nd became extremely abusive on all levels and had to get out for survival. After the second one, my spirit was hurt and broken. I took time to get through all of the emotions, bitterness and anger that these marriages left me with. 5yrs to be exact. Being a single mom, I have had to wear all of the roles that you have described. But I don’t want to do all of those hats for the rest of my life. Not to mention that its just lonely doing them by yourself without a partner. What stood out the most for me was when you speak of scars of the past. WOW!!! I for so long let them dictate my behavior toward me including my towards my father and step father. Moving forward to today in my life I have a boyfriend. I am firmly convinced that we brought together by God. And there has been many demonstrations of this gift to both of us. While its still early in the relationship, we entered this relationship with long term aka Marriage being the goal. It wasn’t entered into lightly that’s for sure. Thank you for the reminder that I need to be the feminine woman that God designed me to be. This post on so many levels spoke to my spirit. God knew what he was doing when he had you minister this one…LOL. Awesome post!!! Take Care! Renee

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